Argo amphibious XTV lineup offers new features for 2018

Frontier 6×6 SE Tundra (Image: Argo)

NEW HAMBURG, ON – Argo’s amphibious XTV vehicle lineup for 2018 features several new options for recreational and commercial users.

The XTV Recreational lineup includes the Frontier, Avenger and Conquest series. The Frontier is more of an entry-level model outfitted for comfort for riders of all abilities. The Avenger series includes the full-size multi-passenger XTVs, with added power and custom trim packages. The Conquest series model, the 8×8 Outfitter, features a host of performance features designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The XTV Commercial lineup for 2018 includes models from the Avenger entry-level series and more heavy-duty offerings under the Conquest series for companies that require a durable and dependable job site transporter.

The company also has entered the ATV space with a range of mid-priced 500cc and 1000cc models, and discussed Dealer network buildout plans for the U.S. market.  Click HERE for more information.

“While it’s hard to downplay the excitement that comes from launching a brand-new product line and our Xplorer series of ATVs, Argo’s core amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles have never been stronger. By offering new and improved models that appeal to a wide variety of riding styles and applications, we’re making it easier than ever before for people to find a vehicle that works for them, whether it’s tackling the trails, splashing through streams or making it through the mud,” said Brad Darling, ARGO XTV president. “Our 2018 ARGO XTV models mark an important milestone for the company which, for over half a century, has been redefining what off-road riding is about. I’m confident that both Dealers and customers alike will be thrilled with what our latest models have to offer and look forward to continuing to push the envelope of our ‘Go Anywhere’ philosophy as we embark on the next 50 years.”

Frontier: There are six models in the series, from the 6×6 to the 8×8 Scout outfitted with a number of hunting-specific accessories. Customers can customize their vehicles with a new range of color, transmission, accessory and seating packages. Depending on the model, the Frontiers are powered by a 23 hp to 26 hp EFI air-cooled Kohler Command Pro engine coupled with an efficient standard or high torque steering transmission for performance in challenging terrain.

Depending on model, the Frontiers come in green, orange, black, Break-Up Camo or Shadow Grass Camo, and range from $10,999 for the 6x6SE to $18,999 for the 8×8 S Limited. Freight adds $650 (for the six-wheel models) to $800 (for the 8x8s).

Conquest Outfitter (Image: Argo)

Avenger: The most popular models in the XTV lineup, according to Argo, offer a 30hp liquid-cooled EFI Kohler engine for users who want to make it through sand, snow, swamps “or whatever you can throw at it,” the company said.

The Avenger models have the same ride-specific customization packages as the Frontier.

Also in the Avenger family is the top-of-the-line 8×8 LX, with an upgraded differential Admiral HS steering transmission that can reportedly reach a top speed of 25 mph – “30 percent faster than any other Argo on the market,” the company said. It includes an onboard entertainment system and a set of ultralow-pressure tires on dual beadlock rims to provide a smoother ride over rough terrain.

There are six models in the Avenger family, ranging from $24,799 to $28,999. Freight is another $800. Depending on model, the Avengers come in green, orange, black, cranberry, Break-Up Camo or Shadow Grass Camo.

Conquest: Designed to meet the specs of hunt camp operators, lodge owners and game hunters who travel on tough terrain, the Conquest 8×8 Outfitter is built on the XT platform and powered by a 30hp, 748cc EFI Kohler engine coupled with Admiral steering transmission. The Conquest comes in Break-Up Camo or Shadow Grass Camo and prices at $34,999 (plus $900 shipping).

Avenger and Conquest models are available in commercial configurations and colorways. For example, a Lineman package for the Conquest 8×8 XT-L is equipped to enable utility workers to transport transformers, pull cables or bore footings on remote work sites. Models start at $26,599 for the Avenger and $33,299 for the Conquest units, plus shipping.

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