Become a Dealernews INSIDER – here’s how

THE DEALERNEWS INSIDER program has been created to primarily serve the business needs of powersports franchised Dealers, non-franchised vehicle retailers, and service/performance/custom businesses in the United States and Canada (“qualifying retailers”).

There are two ways to subscribe to Dealernews information services: through the INSIDER and INSIDER Premium programs. The program you select depends on your type of business.

INSIDER PREMIUM: For qualifying retailers

If you own, operate or work for a U.S. or Canadian-based powersports franchised new-vehicle dealership, a powersports non-franchised retailer selling pre-owned vehicles, or a powersports service/performance/custom business, then you qualify for a free INSIDER Premium account on Dealernews. You must be in the business of selling and/or servicing powersports vehicles in the U.S. or Canada to qualify, and your business must be primarily brick-and-mortar based.

The Dealernews INSIDER Premium program offers a variety of tools and benefits to help Dealers find and interact with others, and to gain business information. These include:

  • Full access to the Dealernews INSIDER community site, including the ability to connect with Dealers across the country, form working groups around specific subjects or interests, and participate in forums to foster discussion and solutions;
  • Full access to, including public and premium content areas; and
  • Individual subscriptions to the DealerNEWS ALERT enewsletter, delivered twice weekly.

Dealernews INSIDER PREMIUM accounts are provided free of charge to qualifying retailer personnel. Please note: Applications are reviewed to verify eligibility.

INSIDER: For powersports industry professionals

Regular INSIDER (non-Premium) accounts are available for powersports professionals who do not work at a qualifying retailer. The INSIDER program supports employees of powersports ecommerce retailers, PG&A-only retailers, retailers outside the United States and Canada, vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket PG&A manufacturers, distributors, allied services, and media.

INSIDER account holders are entitled to 1) full access to, including public and premium content areas; and 2) individual subscriptions to the DealerNEWS ALERT enewsletter, delivered twice weekly. Community access is not included.

INSIDER accounts are available for $299 for a 12-month subscription.

FREE LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Sign up for a FREE, limited Insider regular Trial Membership today!  Receive full content access for 30 days, and then upgrade to your official INSIDER regular subscription for only $99 for 12 months – that’s $200 off the regular subscription price. Offer expires January 30, 2017. Click on the LOGIN/REGISTER box on any INSIDER or web page, and become an INSIDER today.

For more information on the INSIDER program, click on “INSIDER” at the top of this page, or visit the INSIDER site.