DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. - Dealers visiting the Motorcycle Stuff display at Indy might have found that the company has a new focus, a new attitude and a bu
Some dealers shortchange their sales opportunities by stocking too conservatively. So says Greg Blackwell, vice president of marketing at Parts Unlimited/Drag Spe
Tucker Rocky Distributing is a company in a constant state of metamorphosis, which upon closer examination is probably good for a supplier of trend-rich powerspor
Tucker Rocky Distributing president Steve Johnson says increases in business in 2006 came largely from ATV parts and accessories and a boost in sportbike product
Cycle Country Accessories (Booth 3535) this weekend has shown at least nine new products at the Dealer Expo — the largest number in several years. Randy
Feb 19, 2007
The people behind one of the industry's most popular knee braces have made a trip to lidsville. EVS (Booth 2645) introduces the TakT 981, an off-road helmet
Fischer Motor Company has named Diamo USA as its exclusive distributor in the United States. The manufacturer also revealed a customization program at Dealer Expo
February is a great month to show off a new set of grip warmers because most everybody knows that cold hands suck. Symtec (Booth 9509) is showing a variety of pro
TM Racing, the 30-year-old Italian manufacturer of hand-built MX bikes, has named Georgia-based Moto X Erotica as its new U.S. importer. Owned by David Evans, Mot
Feb 19, 2007
Hidden inside the RXR body protector is a series of air-filled interacting chambers that, in the case of a fall or impact, reportedly allow the air to move betwee
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