A former Microsoft executive who has operated a couple of dealerships plans to launch a Web-based dealer management system (DMS) at Dealer Expo, Feb. 12-15, in In
Garrett Paull isn’t a veteran of the motorcycle industry. He’s a retired airplane captain who spent 34 years with United Airlines. To fuel his lifelon
Users of LightspeedNXT will soon be able to compare — within the dealer management system, in real time — their operational numbers with benchmarks cr
Users of the LightspeedNXT will soon be able to e-mail directly out of the system’s Parts, Sales and Service modules.A new e-mail integration tool will allo
The National Retail Federation (NRF) told a House committee today that some retailers could be forced to lay off workers or close stores unless Congress moves qui
AS THE INDUSTRY continues to tighten up and business slows down, many dealership service departments find themselves looking to outside OEM franchises to keep tec
LightspeedNXT dealers can now search warehouse stocking information for Western Power Sports within their dealer management systems. The integration agreement fol
THE AVERAGE inefficient dealer spends about $59,000 per year in carrying costs for obsolete inventory. The average efficient dealer, on the other hand, spends les
products cheap brands economy sales A large mail-order and Internet dealer experienced some of its biggest days in business this May. Natura
Atenga, Inc., a pricing strategist firm providing services to commercial and industrial companies worldwide, has released a list of what it believes to be the 10
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