In part one of dynamometers explained, we covered the history of the dynamometer and the various types used in the industry. Dealers may hear customers ask, &ldqu
BOISE, Idaho - Boise-based InnTeck-USA announced that it is distributing SKF bearings and fork seals to dealers in North America. "SKF is a well-established
WINONA, Minn. - Goodson's new heavy-duty cylinder hone (Part No. GH-2555) will hone cylinders from 2.5 to 5.5 inches, and comes complete with a 2-inch drive s
WINONA, Minn. - The recently redesigned Oil Filter Inspection Tool from Goodson cuts open an oil filter after an oil change or high-stress engine operation (for e
WATERLOO, Ont. - The High Torque Electric 4WD Motor Kit from SilverWolf Vehicles Inc. will convert a standard golf car into a four-wheel-drive utility/hunting veh
VIOLA, Wis. – Chances are, if a rider steps up to the plate for a CVO Harley-Davidson model sporting the 110 c.i. motor, he or she is probably not going to
LAURELDALE, Pa. – Yuasa Battery Inc.has launched its GYZ series product line of absorbed glass mat batteries. With 500 CCA and 32 AH, the flagship GYZ32HL o
LA PALMA, Calif. – One of the interesting side effects of the Can-Am Spyder’s unique three-wheel platform is that it uses conventional shocks to provi
The term “horsepower” is often discussed at a dealer. “How much horsepower does this model have?” “How can I get more horsepower fro
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - APT Group Inc., parent company of MotoVox, announced that it is in a SmartCarb development and supplier agreement with Spain-based Gas Gas USA.
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