LA PALMA, Calif. – Experienced riders know that suspension tuning can dramatically improve ride quality, handling and the comfort of the motorcycle. Progres
In part one of dynamometers explained, we covered the history of the dynamometer and the various types used in the industry. Dealers may hear customers ask, &ldqu
BOISE, Idaho - Boise-based InnTeck-USA announced that it is distributing SKF bearings and fork seals to dealers in North America. "SKF is a well-established
WINONA, Minn. - Goodson's new heavy-duty cylinder hone (Part No. GH-2555) will hone cylinders from 2.5 to 5.5 inches, and comes complete with a 2-inch drive s
WINONA, Minn. - The recently redesigned Oil Filter Inspection Tool from Goodson cuts open an oil filter after an oil change or high-stress engine operation (for e
WATERLOO, Ont. - The High Torque Electric 4WD Motor Kit from SilverWolf Vehicles Inc. will convert a standard golf car into a four-wheel-drive utility/hunting veh
VIOLA, Wis. – Chances are, if a rider steps up to the plate for a CVO Harley-Davidson model sporting the 110 c.i. motor, he or she is probably not going to
LAURELDALE, Pa. – Yuasa Battery Inc.has launched its GYZ series product line of absorbed glass mat batteries. With 500 CCA and 32 AH, the flagship GYZ32HL o
LA PALMA, Calif. – One of the interesting side effects of the Can-Am Spyder’s unique three-wheel platform is that it uses conventional shocks to provi
The term “horsepower” is often discussed at a dealer. “How much horsepower does this model have?” “How can I get more horsepower fro
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