Used Vehicles

ATLANTA — Manheim Specialty Auctions teamed up with Bruce Rossmeyer, the world's largest Harley-Davidson dealer, Harley Davidson Financial Services and HSBC
As if highlighting a motorcycle with Street FX's ElectroPods accent lights weren't enough, the company (Booth 4453) now has an accessory that enables El
In this business, one thing you keep hoping for is that you can look at the data today and have it tell you what you want to know tomorrow. If history tells us an
Most dealers are familiar with the hangtags found on used motorcycles. These tags typically offer basic answers to some basic questions — the vehicle's
Aug 1, 2007
Recruiting good salespeople is something that you should have on your mind 24/7/365. If you wait until you need staff, you'll let your immediate needs impact
When the temperature dropped, my grandmother Katie Huckstep would look out of her Kansas farmhouse's thick, 6-foot-square window, point to true northeast, an
Jul 1, 2007
If you're doing it by the book, you may be losing out Ijust concluded several months of conversations with a dealer in my region. We agr
If you're doing it by the book, you may be losing out Key Points Dangers of selling trade-ins before they're reconditioned
The OEMs often impose a vehicle delivery process on their dealerships. What locks these dealers into this organized, determined process is the customer satisfacti
AFTER SURVEYING a group of dealers belonging to the same state dealer association, I found that not one of them employed a used bike manager. So I decided to appr
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