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It's time to make you a better retailer.

Dealership University has released the seminar lineup and speakers for the educational program it’s creating for attendees at the 2012 Dealer Expo and American V-Twin Dealer Shows, Feb. 17-19 in Indianapolis.

There are more than 30 classroom-based seminars -- FREE to registered attendees -- in the Dealernews Educational Experience presented by Dealership University. The courses are built around the four main organizational “pillars” of a powersports dealership: Management, Sales, Service and Marketing. These are brand-neutral educational sessions that will deliver NEW ideas and NEW techniques for achieving operational efficiency, creating an energetic workforce, building your brand – and selling more stuff.

Because let’s face it: It’s all about selling more vehicles, parts, gear and accessories -- and having fun while doing it.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill seminars. This is business education on steroids -- worth thousands of dollars elsewhere, and FREE with your attendee registration. All you have to do is show up.

The seminars will begin on Friday, Feb.17, in the meeting rooms and lecture halls of the Indiana Convention Center, just a few steps from the exhibit halls of Dealer Expo and the American V-Twin Dealer Show. Times and locations will be released in the coming weeks.

So get out your highlighter. Mark the ones you need to attend, and make sure your co-workers and employees are there, too. Because NEW knowledge is your competitive advantage in the new world order. Here's the lineup:


Dealer Management seminars are for owner/operators, general managers, department managers – and anyone who’s aspiring to be in powersports retail management.

Managing the Sales Department: Key performance indicators to help you sell more vehicles. Learn the seven sales department key performance indicators to help you sell more vehicles and make more money. Whether you’re a brand-new dealer trying to identify the latest sales trends, or a seasoned retail veteran looking for updated best practices and industry benchmarks in this new economy, this seminar is a ‘can’t miss’ for you.

Managing the P&A Department: Using metrics to boost earnings and reduce inventory. This session is perfect for Parts and Accessories Department managers and dealer principals. It will reveal the critical statistics required for you to achieve maximum department profitability while minimizing the detrimental effects on cash flow created by obsolete inventory that doesn’t sell.

Managing the Service Department: Making your Service Department more profitable, and easier to manage. Scheduling and dispatching work, ordering parts, closing out repair orders, handling warranties, dealing with the Sales Department, and working with customers  are just a sampling of the things you must structure to achieve success in Service. This seminar will give you proven, real-world methods to increase both Service performance (and your quality of life).


Dealer Marketing sessions are ideal for anyone involved in marketing, advertising, merchandising and promotion at the retail level – either in brick-and-mortar stores on for e-commerce operations.

Online Reputation Management – It’s a Whole New World Out There. More than 80 percent of consumers now visit websites to research products and services before they buy. And they’re seeing reviews of your dealership prominently displayed on these sites. Your online reputation is the foundation of your entire marketing program. This seminar is critical for everyone at the dealership – you’ll discover real-world dealer-based solutions you can use to ensure your store has an impeccable reputation online.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing – Drive Buyers to Your Storefront. It took television 13 years to reach 50 million users; it took Facebook nine months to reach 100 million. Smart phone use continues to swell as more consumers use mobile devices as their “pocket PC.” What this all means is that in today’s market, consumers dictate the way they communicate with businesses, not the other way around. Don’t miss this special seminar where you’ll discover how to utilize digital media to drive buyers to your website – and your storefront.

Multichannel Event Marketing – A Dealer’s Guide to Hosting Events. Some dealers not only survived during the Great Recession, but also thrived. How do these top-performing retailers attribute their growth in a down economy? It’s simple: EVENTS. But beware: There’s an art and a science to cost-effectively promoting and marketing an event. Get a “behind the curtains” look at how the industry’s top dealers are successfully executing events to build customer relationships, boost sales, and maximize CSI.

Traditional Media Marketing: A Vital Part of Your Strategy. Radio, TV, direct mail and other traditional marketing avenues are often perceived as old-school marketing tactics that are out-of-date in today’s sexy, new-media world. But conventional media has an important place in today’s local store marketing strategy. You must first identify your target audience, their preferred media, and the type of message you want to deliver. Even if you’re a new-media aficionado, you’ll want to attend this enlightening seminar where you’ll discover time-tested marketing approaches that are not only relevant – but extremely effective.

The Psychology of Merchandising: Tools You Can Use Now. Make every day a Grand Opening! Using Merchandising Psychology techniques, you can control your customers, increase their awareness of the products in your store, and boost impulse purchases. This session will teach you how to develop effective customer traffic flow, how to select the right fixture for the right merchandising job, and how to master the “Seven Basics” of effective product merchandising so you can put them to use immediately after Indy.


Sales seminars are suited for sales managers and sales professionals, and are ideal for anyone who sells product to the customer.

The Unique Selling Proposition: How to Uncover It, How to Integrate It. “Why should I choose your dealership over any and every other available option to me?” Now read this question one more time and consider the strength of the answer you deliver. Is your staff powerful and knowledgeable enough to convey your store’s Unique Selling Proposition with every customer, every prospect? Knowing the answer to this simple (yet profound) question builds the foundation for your dealership, and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Five Fundamentals of Sales – And Why It’s Time to Revisit Them. Selling skills, work habits, attitude, product knowledge and phone/Internet skills are required components for maximizing customer conversion and value per customer. Regardless of what department you work in, or whether you manage them all, this seminar will revisit the specific proven strategies to improve customer satisfaction and make more money.

Maximize Sales through CRM. If you look at the average “lifetime customer value” (LCV) for your dealership, you’ll see that each customer you have is worth a sizeable amount over the total time period they do business with you. You can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) principles and techniques to identify what a single customer is “worth” to your business, and then determine exactly what you can invest to “acquire” new customers. Discover a systematic approach for maximizing your LCV through consistent relationship-building with your customers.


Service seminars are geared for Service Department managers, P&A managers, and technicians and service writers who want to advance in their careers.

Service Department 101 – Time to Revisit What Works. “Some people try to find things in this game that don’t exist, but football is only two things – blocking and tackling.” This famous quote by legendary coach Vince Lombardi illustrates the importance of consistently executing the foundational components required to be successful. Whether you’re a seasoned Service Department veteran or a brand-new tech, this seminar will provide you with the foundational tools you need to build a winning Service Department.

How to Boost Your CSI. The Customer Satisfaction Index is your key to long-term repeat, and referral, business. But in a challenging retail powersports environment, it can be difficult to please everyone. Don’t miss this important seminar where you’ll learn ways to build a “top down” approach to customer satisfaction that will soon become part of your store culture.

360-Degree Service Selling – Increasing Your RO Value. “Selling” and “service” are two words that don’t often go together. If your Service Department isn’t recommending related add-ons and suggesting additional accessories that may enhance the customer’s ownership experience, it’s not only unwise, it’s going to cost your business money. This seminar – equally useful for dealer principals and their staff – will provide a systematic approach to boosting Repair Order value, and make happier customers along the way.

Boosting Performance Through Productivity and Efficiency. How many billed hours did your technicians post, in comparison to how many hours were available? What are your techs actually working on, compared to billed hours? Learn how to evaluate these and other metrics so that you can implement ways to make more money for the technicians and the dealership, and shorten turnaround time as a result.