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Dealer Expo® 2010 Attendee Guest & Child Policy

Qualified and registered attendees are permitted to take a guest and/or a child to Dealer Expo 2011.

Attendee Guests are allowed on the show floor as long as they are accompanied by a qualified attendee.

Children of all ages are allowed on the show floor as long as they are accompanied by a parent at all times. All Child Registrations must complete a Child Authorization form in addition to the guest registration form. Any children 14 or older working for a retailer/dealership must be registered as qualified attendee.

Guests and children are not allowed to register online, through customer service or by any attendee registration forms.

To register a guest or child in advance, attendees must contact Attendee Management by email to request a Guest Registration Form. If a Guest Registration form is not completed in advanced the guest or child can only be registered onsite.

Attendee Management will review each guest or child registration to ensure all contacts receive the correct credentials. Guest and child registrations will be FREE for retailers and non-retailers who register their guests or children in advance. Any guest or child registering onsite will be required to pay a $25 registration fee (both retailers & non-retailers). Non-retailers are limited to one guest per company.

Badges are not mailed to the company for guests and children. Guest and child badges will only be available for pick-up at onsite attendee registration. A qualified registered attendee with badge must accompany the guest or child to Attendee Registration for pick-up.

To request a Guest Registration Form please email

Please provide the following in the email:

  • Company Name, City & State
  • Registered Attendee Name
  • Guest Name & Relationship

Once your guest request has been approved Attendee Management will issue guest/child registration form. Submit the registration form back to us and email confirmations will be issued upon completion.

If you have questions regarding the Guest/Child Registration policy please contact Attendee Management.

Scott Hartwick
Attendee Management
Toll Free: 800.854.3112 x8696 | Direct: 949.954.8696

Toni Lee-Chaudhary
Attendee Management
Toll Free: 800.854.3112 x8815 | Direct: 949.954.8815