Discover the Insider's Secrets to Convert More Calls to Cash

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Discover the Insider's Secrets to Convert More Calls to Cash

Rise Above the Recession to Sell More Units and Make More Money

Tory Hornsby
Dealer Expo® and Dealership University™ Present:

Converting Calls to Cash

By Tory Hornsby
2010 Dealer Expo Seminar Date and Times to be provided shortly

Have you ever considered just how much money you spend to make the telephone ring at your dealership? How many times have you heard your Salespeople invite negotiations and not attempt to sell an appointment? The fact remains that the telephone is still the most powerful tool in a Salesperson’s tool box and when used properly will generate more sales each and every month! Did you know that when you factor inbound calls, un-sold follow up calls, internet quote request follow up calls, and sold follow up calls, you can link 100% of your business to the telephone? That’s right 100% of your business is linked to how your dealership handles the phones, and each and every call should be treated as an opportunity to make a record breaking sale. Upon completing this fast-paced one hour teleseminar you’ll discover:

  • How and why the telephone can make you lots of money
  • How to properly take incoming calls
  • The importance of voice tone and inflection
  • How to capture the customer's name and phone number
  • When and how to follow up with unsold prospects
  • How to Sell the Appointment
  • How to handle price on the phone
  • How to prospect orphan owners on the phone to create fresh leads

Who Should Attend: Dealer Principals and Powersports Professionals Serious About Success