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Get the Most - December Issue

Top 5 Tips to help make your arrival easier

  1. Don't rent a car, take a shuttle.
    All the hotels downtown are within walking distance of the show and some have sky walks to the convention center. You can take a cab anywhere in downtown for $5, you'll pay more than that just for parking. By not renting cars you save time upon your arrival, walk straight out and catch a quick shuttle to your hotel. The cost of a shuttle is significantly cheaper if you book it in advance. This will give you more time at the show if you don't arrive the night before the show starts.
  2. Skip the Hotel and head straight for the show.
    If you arrive the day the show opens, Head straight to the show. We have a coat and bag check that is FREE. By going straight to the show you save yourself several hours of check in time.
  3. Eat while you're at the airport.
    We suggest grabbing a quick bite to eat before you head over. As your walking out of the airport there are all kinds of quick food solutions that will fill you up. Although the show has food choices they are limited, plus we both know once you arrive you'll be too busy to stop and eat. The downtown area has plenty of food options but might require you to go in a different direction. Take a moment to stop and fill up; it may be the only food you'll eat until the show is closes.
  4. Don't forget your BADGE HOLDER!
    Yes, every year people come to the show and forget they have to pick-up a badge holder. We send you the badge in the mail, but you must go to badge holder pickup to get the holder. You cannot access the show without your badge holder, so spare yourself the confusion and head straight to badge holder pickup located at registration. All it takes is an ID.
  5. Bring your Email confirmation!
    It's possible you didn't get your badge in the mail, if you don't all you have to do is bring your email conformation. On the confirmation there is a bar code. That bar code can be quickly scanned at registration at a "Self Registration Kiosk." Rather than waiting in line you scan the bar code and a badge prints. With valid ID you take your badge and quickly get access to the show. Remember, your email confirmation is proof you are pre-registered!
  6. Dealer Expo is the ultimate powersports resource, all packed under one roof for just four days. Our Attendee Management team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your experience. Don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone; helping you is what we do!