Meet the Attendee December 2010: Dean McCracken, Fun Bike Center Motorsports

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Fun Bike Center Motorsports
Lakeland, FL
Dean McCracken, Parts & Accessories Manager

In this month’s Meet the Attendee article see how Dealer Expo influences positive change for dealerships. Dean McCracken, Parts & Accessories Manager, explains how Dealer Expo helped him change the way his dealership functions. He tells the story of how Fun Bike Center Motorsports utilized the networking opportunities, seminars and product exhibitions from Dealer Expo to boost sales and inspire his employees.

Dealer Expo: Why do you attend Dealer Expo?
McCracken: I have been attending Dealer Expo for many years. I have always been interested in seeing new product. Also, I feel it is very important to visit with all the different suppliers we deal with everyday. It is nice to “shake hands” and personally thank all the people who make our business successful.

Dealer Expo: How does Dealer Expo impact your business?
McCracken: Dealer Expo is a great motivator for all of our employees that attend. It gives them a first look at new product and they are always very excited upon returning to the dealership. We consistently have a great month of March in Florida because Daytona Bike Week immediately follows the Dealer Expo and everyone is excited about motorcycles.

Dealer Expo: How does Dealer Expo impact your employees?
McCracken: Every year we attend all the seminars offered by Dealer Expo. It’s great to get a refresher on some of the information, and we always learn something new as well. All of the employees who attend return to our dealership and share the new ideas and knowledge with their co-workers.

We have implemented several new display and marketing ideas (such as signage and product matching) that were discovered at the show. We have successfully added two line items per transaction by placing these products throughout our dealership.

Dealer Expo: How has Dealer Expo changed the way you do business?
McCracken: Over the years, I have formed many new partnerships at Dealer Expo. Our Sales and F&I departments have benefited from switching to new advertising and finance companies. Our service department has added new tools and procedures. Our parts department has always been positively affected by Dealer Expo. In the early years of attending the show, parts and accessories were the main focus. Now, every aspect of the powersports industry is addressed. I always encourage other dealers to attend Dealer Expo.

Dealer Expo: How has networking at Dealer Expo benefited your dealership?
McCracken: Two years ago, I formed a new relationship at Dealer Expo with an ATV accessory company. We are one of two dealers in our state to carry the products they offer. We sell a nice amount of this product in the dealership and we receive new customers from around the state by way of the manufacturer’s website. This increased traffic gives our employees a chance to demonstrate all we have to offer at our dealership. As a result, we have made many new friends.