Meet the Attendee: Eric & Derek Osner, Crossroad Powersports


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Meet the Attendee: Crossroad Powersports — Eric & Derek Osner, Owner & P/A Manager

Crossroads Powersports — Upper Darby, PA
Eric Osner, Owner
Derek Osner, Parts & Accessories Manager
7+ Years Attending

How does your dealership set goals for the show?

We have always made a list of what projected sales are for next year, what works this year, what didn't work and what our customers have been asking for. Most importantly we look for what is new in the industry to determine what we can have that nobody else has got. Our customers always want to outdo their fellow riders, so if we find just one product that can do that, they will be in our store to buy it. There is always a competition out in the street... what will make one better than the other... that's what we are looking for and we set our goals to accomplish this ever year.

For example, last year we determined we needed to find a variety of aftermarket chrome accessories. We came to the show and we discovered those accessories. We were fortunate to have the sportbike pavilion to help us get it done in just a few hours.

So what are you looking for this year?

This year is a little different than others. The current economy is requiring us to look harder for the best deals vendors have to offer. This means we are going to have to work with the manufacturers directly. So that's one of our goals, negotiating and finding out who wants our business the most. The companies willing to negotiate are going to give us the advantage with our customers. Having the advantage is what keeps our customers coming back into our dealerships. It's simple; if our customers are coming into our dealership we are selling product. So we'll be out searching hard for those opportunities.

What is everybody's role when you come to the show?

Eric is the owner and he is the bank. His job is to make sure we can get the product we need. He makes the final decision on what can be spent.

Derek, our Parts & Accessories Manager, is responsible for knowing the product; the better he knows the product the better the opportunity. His job is to get his hand on the product, talk to the people who know the product best (those who are representing it) and get feedback directly from them on what makes their product so good. Derek knows his business like the back of his hand and he relies on the Owner's support to help him make the best deals to get the best prices. Sometimes you have to spend more to make more in the end.

Our service manager Peter comes to determine what will make our technicians work faster and more efficiently. Dealer Expo® is a tool for every department and we use it to seek out tools, software, etc. — anything that is going to help improve the quality of your service department. Our techs take advantage of opportunities to offer our customers options, motor mods or performance mods, just about anything. Options allow our customers to spend more, the more they feel they get the happier they are in the end.

Everybody has a specific role but we work as a team to get it all done. Most importantly we don't leave any part of the dealership out; the show offers opportunity for everybody.

How much time do you devote before the show? What do you do when you get there?

We actually don't spend too much time before hand. Each of us makes our list, we do the research and then we head to the show. However, we always setup meetings with specific vendors. Our reps know we are coming and we setup specific times to go over their product. We want to give them a chance to give us the information we need to make the best decisions. As we get to the show we keep in touch with everybody so we can manage our time. The reality is we don't want to waste any time while at the show.

We always go through the entire show when we first arrive, so we can see everything and get a good picture of what is out there. Then we start targeting those key interests, hold those meetings and do what we came to do, business!

What are some of your biggest challenges with attending the show?

Honestly, the show used to be unorganized. That made it hard for us to find everything. However, this is not the case now. With the introduction of the pavilions we are able to concentrate on what we need and get it done a lot quicker. Because of the pavilions we get more done in a less time.

The show is great, but it's really large so Segways would be nice. But seriously, we get a chance to step away from the dealerships. This gives us the one-on-one time we need to get to know the product before we sell it to our customers.

What advice would you give to others coming to the show?

Go there with the intent to at least find one product. If you can go to find at least one thing you did your job. That's what it's all about, finding new stuff. If you go and you get overwhelmed you won't get anything done. Keep it simple and stay focused. The show is big, but if you can focus on just one thing you'll get it done.

This is your opportunity to take full advantage of all of your vendors; they are there for "YOU" so I would suggest you to take advantage. Discounts do exist, show special discounts but you have to search them out. This is your chance to have the product in your hand; reps don't always know the product as well as the manufacturer. So I get a chance to get the little details in an environment where I'm not being bothered by my customers. You can't sell your products unless you know your products, so go to the show to understand the products you sell from those who know it best.

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