Meet the Attendee October 2010: Doug Douglas Motorcycles & MC Supply


Doug Douglas Motorcycles
San Bernardino, CA
Daniel Calvopina, Parts Manager

Dealer Expo: Why do you go to the Dealer Expo?
Calvopina: 2010 was my first time. I have always wanted to check it out, but I never made it a priority. My motivation to attend actually came in 2010 because, for the first time, we were selected as one of the Top 100 Dealers. The award is what got me to the show, but I was not disappointed.

Dealer Expo: What did you get out of the show?
Calvopina: I don’t know if it’s possible to have a show larger than this one; everything related to motorcycling was there. It is definitely the one-stop place for the enthusiast and/or dealer. The wide variety of products and services stimulated new ideas, and thus, possible opportunities to expand or differentiate my business.

Dealer Expo: How did the benefits of Dealer Expo outweigh the cost of travel and the time away from the shop?
Calvopina: Of course, the benefits are the generation of opportunities for business growth, increased profits and diversification. Relative to the investment in time and money, the show occurs during our slow season. Thus, time was a small consideration. We made a commitment to attend the show early and that early planning minimized the financial impact.  

MC Supply
Hastings, MI
Sarah Rathbun, Parts Associate

Dealer Expo:  Why do you attend Dealer Expo?
Rathbun: To see new product and make new contacts. We also want to find new ways to increase floor traffic.

Dealer Expo:  What tangible benefits did you receive from attending Dealer Expo 2010?
Rathbun: We made a connection with a company called Dusty Moto. They have helped us a lot this last year in moving our old inventory. Moving ‘dead inventory’ is a great benefit to our shop. 

Dealer Expo:  Do you plan to attend Dealer Expo this year? Do you plan to take advantage of the expanded training options offered at this year’s show?
Rathbun: Yes we do. We will be attending seminars focused on increasing floor traffic. We also want to learn how to decrease useless spending. 

Dealer Expo: Any advice for another Dealership on the fence about spending time and money to attend Dealer Expo?
Rathbun: [Laughing] We don’t want you to go! We don’t want to share all the great available products and information with you!