RIDE - Develop Show Goals and Determine Who Will Attend

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"D" - Develop Show Goals and Determine Who Will Attend

R I "D" E stands for Develop show goals and Determine who will attend. No show can be completely successful if you don't know exactly what your goals are before you arrive. Sure, everybody always finds the unexpected but "winging it" is no way to manage a tradeshow the size of Dealer Expo®. Following the first 2 steps of RIDE should have defined your goals. Now all you need to do is determine which team members will best help you reach those goals through employee specific goals.

  • You defined your needs to determine opportunities at the show (R)
  • You researched your opportunities at the show to develop a game plan (I)

Now determine who will help you execute this game plan and set clear goals for each team member.

  1. Look over your work sheets to see which departments need the most support
  2. Determine which team members can best support those needs. Then determine how many team members you will need to make sure you cover every opportunity you have listed including vendors and education
  3. Clearly outline your goals for each team member before you get to the show so they are clear on what you expect