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"E" - Execute to win on show site

RID"E" stands for Execute to win on show site and Evaluate your results. By this point you should be more than ready to hit the show floor running. Execute to win is all about taking the first three steps and drawing out the most affective game plan for your business. The better you plan, the easier it is to evaluate your results after the show. Why evaluate your results? Just like any business venture you invest in, understanding what you've accomplished and how it affects your business is important to measuring your return. Nobody does work for free, so why should you? Make the most of your time by researching your business needs, investing time in planning, setting clear goals and identifying who will help you achieve those goals. Those simple steps are the key to an organized effort while on show site, more importantly upon your return you'll know exactly what you were able to achieve and be able to test those results over the selling season!
So here is how you can execute successfully.

  1. Follow the steps R, I & D by working with your staff to discover your business needs.
  2. Make sure you research the show prior to arriving; you can get a lot more done if you know exactly who you need to see, where they are and how much time you have to spend with them.
  3. Divide the work load. Your staff is here to help you, reward them by bring strong staff member to the show. Encourage your managers to make their wish lists by researching their department, this is a team effort and the better you work as a team the better the results.
  4. The tools are available to you, so use them. Map Your Show is a pre-show planner, Pavilions organize the show floor, Kickstart finds the top before you arrive and the seminars are Free!
  5. Give everybody a plan upon arrival; meet before, during and after the show to get progress reports. You never know what new opportunity may pop up and your ability to make quick decisions will ensure you capitalize on that opportunity.

We hope this tool has been helpful and the worksheets give you a realistic view of what can be accomplished by attending Dealer Expo. Please feel free to contact the Attendee Management team if you need help with any of your planning for the show.

If you have any questions about R I D E or would like assistance in planning for your show, please contact Attendee Management.

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