RIDE - Invest Your Time with Returns You Can Measure

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"I" - Invest Your Time with Returns You Can Measure

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R "I" D E stands for Invest your time with returns you can measure. As an attendee you determine how much you want to invest in the show. Investing your time in results you can measure is all about planning effectively. From the moment you decided to attend Dealer Expo you have made an investment of your time, to get a return you can measure, your business will need to do pre-show planning. Effective pre-show planning requires you to know your opportunities, so start with step R of R I D E. Once you know your opportunities, start planning so you generate returns you can measure after the show.

Here are five key steps to help you start the planning process:

  1. Complete the R of R I D E Work Sheet
    1. Determine your opportunities by department
    2. Grade the performance of each department
    3. Categorize your opportunities by Product, Service, Education, Key Meetings & Industry Awareness
    4. Develop a game plan based on the priority and performance of your departments
  2. Start researching your Product & Service opportunities by using Map Your Show
    1. Search department and take advantage of the search options available
    2. Create a list of companies you'll want to see by department
      1. Prioritize the importance of each of those companies
      2. Identify if the relationship, existing or new
      3. List your opportunity categories
    3. Based on those priorities determine which companies will require a key meeting
      1. Contact those companies in advance to set up those meetings
  3. Start researching your Educational Opportunities by determine which seminars you will attend
    1. What are the topics available from Dealernews Live, Dealership University at Dealer Expo, Sobel & Associates and Dana Fisher?
    2. Which of these seminars take priority over others?
    3. Do need to attend select seminars or should you attend all?
    4. Will team members of your business benefit from attending seminars?
  4. Build a game plan you can implement on show site
    1. Look at your list of companies by priority and determine their location on the show floor
    2. Look at your list of seminars, location and the times they are offered
    3. Start to outline how you might approach the show floor based on booth and seminar locations
    4. Determine how many days you will spend at the show by calculating the number of vendors you have found and seminars you will attend
      1. Remember to calculate in any key meetings you might need to set, how long will the go and how will that affect your time?
    5. What additional time might you want to set for exploring new industry trends?
  5. Keep costs low by planning for travel, hotel and meals in advance
    1. Research hotel prices and room needs
      1. Book through Dealer Expo's housing block to get the reduced rates
    2. Determine how you will travel to the show
      1. Book flights in advance for best rates
    3. Determine if you will use public transportation or rent a vehicle
    4. Research restaurant options and be prepared to make reservations