RIDE - Research Your Opportunities and Register to Attend

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"R" - Research Your Opportunities and Register to Attend

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Dealer Expo® 2010 is the ultimate resource for any powersports business so it's important your business researches its opportunities, then registers for the show. Research your opportunities to:

  1. Find new product
  2. Further your education
  3. Find new service lines
  4. Secure meetings
  5. Enhance your industry awareness

Research your opportunities is all about the questions asked of your business.

Product Opportunity: Your successes with products in your business revolve around your ability to manage Price, Margin, Quality and Availability. What product opportunities are you looking for? Talk to your parts manager, buyer or parts staff. Get insight from your sales and service team. Make a list of all the products you think your customers might want. Then make a list of all the products you're not satisfied with, regardless of whether its price, margin, quality or supplier. Take your list to Dealer Expo so you can seek out new opportunities, and fix current relationships or stabilize existing ones.

Education Opportunities for your business, your team and even yourself is a vital way to improve businesses performance. Think about how your team might benefit from the different types of education you can find at Dealer Expo, including: seminars, peer/vendor networking and product/service evaluation.

Every business needs Service Opportunities. Researching your business service needs is as simple as looking at each department and thinking of new ways to improve its performance. Does your service staff need new tools? Could you benefit from a new F&I provider? Are you using the most optimal DMS? Sit down with your management team and assess your opportunities, so you can come to the show prepared to find new business service solutions.

Only at Dealer Expo can you take advantage of "Key Meeting" opportunities. Dealer Expo gives you a chance to sit down, ask key questions and gather valuable information from vendors, distributors and peers.

Industry Awareness Opportunities come in many forms; however they rely on your ability to seek out market trends and product knowledge to match your customer and business objectives. Are you satisfied with your displays? Do your customers feel you carry innovative products? Are your price points meeting industry standards? How does the vendor sell its products? Where can you win, and how can Dealer Expo help you? Your ability to assess the market by drawing information from all the resources available is what will make your business perform in 2010.