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eCommerce Panel Discussion sponsored by Shopatron

Seminar Schedule and Locations

Join Shopatron as they host a Powesports eCommerce Panel including OEM's, dealer retailers and eCommerce experts discussing eCommerce in the industry. The seminar will provide a brief outline on what eCommerce means to the powersports market, statistics related to online sales and perspectives from other industries. The panel will discuss a number of issues as they relate to both manufacturers and retailers interested in best taking advantage of eCommerce opportunities. 

This panel will be chaired by industry expert Eric Anderson, and encourage audience members to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Who should attend this Industry Panel Discussion?
Any retail dealer, manufacturer, distributor and others interested in the powersports industry are invited to the panel discussion.

Who is on the Panel?
Gary Sherfey – Manager, Accessories, Sales and Marketing, Suzuki
Tim Calhoun– Executive Vice President, LeoVince
Brandon Baldwin – Sales & Marketing Director, Motion Pro
Mike Jackson - Business Development Manager, World of Powersports
Dan Wiens - Parts and Accessories Manager, Big Dog Motorcycle
Ed Stevens – CEO, Shopatron

What should the audience expect?
The session will start at 3:30PM CT in Room 207 of the Indianapolis Convention Center. The entire session is expected to last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the questions and discussion coming from the audience. The structured section of the session will last no longer than 60 minutes and provides a quick introduction to the topic of eCommerce in the industry.

The panel will discuss a variety of question from the audience as well as sub-topics including:

  • What is eCommerce and where does it occur?
  • How big is eCommerce in the powersports industry? How fast is it growing?
  • How is eCommerce affecting the industry? Is it helping it grow?
  • How do dealers participate in eCommerce?
  • How do brands (OEMs) participate in eCommerce?
  • How can brands and dealers work together in eCommerce?
  • How has eCommerce affected other industries positively and negatively?

Saturday 13th @ 3:30pm – 5:00pm - Room 207

Seminar Schedule and Locations