Web Advertising

Web Advertising

Web Advertising

Video-sharing, product blogs, twittering — more and more companies are recognizing the power of the internet. And with all of our attendee marketing pieces driving attendees to our website, DealerExpo.com is the leading resource attendees use to plan their show experience. The exhibitors that increase their online presence are the exhibitors that will generate the most interest and engage with more attendees before the show.

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Your Goal
Expand Your Reach and Drive Traffic to Your Site
Lead Generation Before Event
Reach 30,000+ Dealers on Monthly Basis
Targeted Advertising
Increase Your Web Presence Here
Map Your Show
Monthly e-newsletters
Specialty pavilion emails sent to specific market segments

Map Your Show Lead Generation Program

The whole point of exhibiting at Dealer Expo® is to connect with the right buyers. Why wait until the doors open to see who is going to come by your booth? Pre-event marketing on Dealer Expo.com through Map Your Show will generate valuable leads for you even before you arrive in Indy.
Meet the Buyers Online
  • 15,178 Unique Visitors to Map Your Show
  • 34,245 online visits to the floor plan
  • 31,776 online visits to the floor plan before the show
  • 71,218 online visits to Exhibitor Listings
  • 45,422 Exhibitors added to agendas
  • 32,023 Leads generated

Data source: Map Your Show Statistical Data, July 2008 to February 2009

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