Dealernews Advisory Board: Dave Mungenast Jr., Mungenast Motorsports

DAVE MUNGENAST JR. and his brothers grew up in the world of motorcycles.

Dave was 5 years old when his father started Mungenast St. Louis Honda in 1965. “Riding and owning a variety of motorcycles and ATVs has been a part of our lives since I can remember, and I have been involved in overseeing the dealership operations since 1986,” he says.

Dave Jr. has been involved in overseeing the dealership operations since 1986.

“While our family business has grown to include several automobile dealerships in the St. Louis area, the motorsports industry was our first love, and remains so today,” he continues. “I have children who have either worked for or currently do work at Mungenast Motorsports, making this the third generation of our family in the powersports industry.”

Most of the challenges facing powersports Dealers today, he says, are the same as they were 30 years ago – economic conditions, competition, financial stability in a seasonal market, and the challenge of providing discretionary products to a small demographic. “Finding and employing qualified personnel, particularly quality technicians, is also an issue,” he adds. “Product, marketing, customer satisfaction and reputation are key. You need a mix of products, readily available, a marketing strategy to attract consumers as well as needed personnel. And when people visit the dealership, they must be provided exceptional service and follow-up.”

The new Dealernews provides Dealers with the opportunity to share best practices and ideas “from actual people working within dealerships who have possibly resolved similar issues,” he notes.

What’s his favorite bike to ride? That’s not an easy question to answer for someone like Dave Mungenast Jr. “Different bikes are suited to different activities. For instance, when participating in events such as the Colorado 500 Invitational Off-Road Charity Ride, which consists of five days of riding in the mountain areas of Colorado, the bike I prefer to ride is a 501 Husqvarna.

“When I participated in the Iron Butt Coast-to-Coast challenge a few years back,” he continues, “I first rode from St. Louis to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska [and] from there I rode back through St. Louis and on to Key West, Fla. The round-trip mileage was approximately 13,000 miles traveled within 24 days. For that journey, I rode a Honda Goldwing.

“And when my wife and I are out to enjoy a leisurely ride, such as the recent Dave Mungenast Sr. Memorial Bike & Badge charity ride, we enjoy riding side-by-side in our Polaris Slingshot.”