Dealernews - February 01, 2013

A WISCONSIN dealership excels in drawing consumer attention but could further improve by focusing on one area: customer engagement.
Joe Delmont
(Click on the chart for a larger view.) DO YOU REALIZE how important just one person is to the bottom line of your dealership?
Eric Anderson
WE ARE SPOILED. We won’t pay for what we already know. We won’t go two minutes out of our way to come see you. We’ve become a razor-edged crew o
Mike Vaughan
IF YOU'RE READING this, then it means that the Mayan prediction of the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012, didn’t take place and we’ve got at least
Rod Stuckey
DO YOU CONSIDER the recession over? During the last four years, our industry downsized from approximately 7,500 franchised dealers to just over 4,000. That’
Dealer Expo New Product Preview
Arlo Redwine
PRODUCTS FOR side-by-sides have been the hot sellers of late; however, now other off-road segments are showing signs of renewal.
Holly J. Wagner
THE WATCHWORD in the Business Services Marketplace is value.
Bruce Steever
THE ANNUAL Dealer Expo gives you the opportunity to grow your business with new products and services.
ANCHORING THE SHOW floor of Dealer Expo, the powersports distributors are the one-stop shops for many buyers.
Arlo Redwine
TRIKES. ELECTRIC SCOOTERS. Go-karts. A stretched Ruckus-inspired scooter. Even two-wheelers for children — there will be a good variety at this year’s
Bruce Steever
WHILE DEALER EXPO is an opportunity to get down to the serious business of stocking up for the upcoming season, it also can be a great opportunity to check out so
AMERICAN V-TWIN goes front and center at the 2013 Dealer Expo, with more than 35 manufacturers, designers and distributors exhibiting in the American V-Twin Marke
Dennis Johnson
THE BIG WORLD of motorcycling, ATVing and all other powersporting activities thrives on the apparel, gear and new helmet models released each year and season.
Dave Koshollek
A PARTS PROFESSIONAL had told me about a situation he recently had with his service advisor.