‘I’d better get that, too'

Mary Green Slepicka
Publish Date: 
Jan 21, 2014
By Mary Green Slepicka

Dealernews is known for placing a Top 100 Dealer on its cover. Every month we send out a photographer to do an exclusive photo shoot with a winning dealership we’ve selected for that issue’s cover story.

But every once in a great while, we like to shake things up, and so it goes this month. We profile EagleRider and its CEO, Chris McIntyre, as the company prepares for a game-changing rollout that may alter the ROI for the recreational industry. EagleRider, the long-standing motorcycle rental company whose partners include many a franchised dealership, is about to go into the PG&A sales business.

And as our senior editor, Holly Wagner, reports, EagleRider will launch a new website next month that reportedly will “connect the dots” among its rentals, used bike sales, PG&A sales and touring businesses.

The company may have raised a few eyebrows when it announced it was going to start selling gear and accessories to customers renting its bikes, but for McIntyre, it made perfect sense. Many motorcycle renters are prime customers for the boots, eyewear and other accessories they don’t want to lug around in a suitcase or backpack while they’re on vacation. By nature of the fact that they’re renting a bike while on holiday instead of buying one and riding it or trailering it to their vacation destination, it shows that they want things to be easy…effortless…but enhanced.

Think of this: you reserve a rental, get to the location, and with the bike you also pick up a bag full of supplies, from gloves to GoPro. “All the stuff on the PG&A site is available in a box when they arrive,” McIntyre says.

It’s upselling genius… and a wake-up call.

Read the article (it's on page 34 of the February issue, but you can link to it HERE). How can you learn from EagleRider’s example and apply some part of it to your own business? Can you package items – from apparel and accessories to even cleaning and safety items – and figure out a way to prompt customers (buyers, renters, walk-ins, service clients) to buy the whole shebang? When you offer bikes on your website, do you post one image, five images, or do you upload a video walk-around? How easy do you make it for the customer to look at something and think, “Ooh! I’d better get that, too?”

We’d like to hear your comments. Send them to editors@dealernews.com. And watch for our March issue, because a stunning Top 100 Dealership will be back, gracing our cover.

And by the way, the 23rd Annual Top 100 Dealer competition starts in April. Get ready.