A-1 Auto Transport now ships motorcycles

A-1 Auto Transport has added motorcycle shipping to its range of vehicle transportation services.

"Having your motorcycle shipped to its new destination by a certified auto carrier that specializes in motorcycle transport is definitely the safest way to go," the company asserted in a release issued today. "Conversely, when moving your bike with an all-in-one moving company that has little experience with moving motorcycles, you're taking quite a risk. If not properly loaded and secured for shipment, your motorcycle could suffer thousands of dollars in damages due to negligence."

A-1 shippers pad the frame of the bike to prevent dings and scratches during shipment. After being padded, the bike is then loaded and strapped into an enclosed carrier crate to ensure that the motorcycle does not shift during transport, and to make sure that no external elements are able to affect the condition of the bike.

Get more information at www.a1autotransport.com or call one of their sales reps at 800.452.2880.

Posted by Mary Slepicka