100 Ideas From the Top 100

1 Raises its garage doors to serve as an indoor entertainment area during events.
2 Poured a 20-foot-wide concrete loading ramp.
3 Each service bay has its own overhead door.
4 Each service bay has its own window.
5 Each department of the store, including service, helps out a poor family before Christmas.
6 Enrollment in the priority maintenance program grew by more than 60 percent in one year because of e-mail, print and in-store advertising.
7 Three service write-up areas are just inside an automatic sliding service door.
8 Offers free coffee and doughnuts on Saturday morning while the service writer safety-checks the bikes in the parking lot.
9 Employs a "Detail Man" who makes old bikes look new.
10 Offers 15 percent service discounts to police officers, firefighters and soldiers.
11 A service e-newsletter offers coupons, specials and announcements.
12 Has an exhaust recovery system.
13 Has both overhead exhaust evacuation hoses and overhead oil-dispensing hoses.
14 Each participant of the store's New Owner Clinic meets the service manager and one technician.
15 Calls each service customer three days after pickup.
16 Has a paint booth and offers PWC fiberglass repairs and motorcycle panel and fender repairs at a fraction of the replacement costs.
17 Free oil and filter with first service.
18 Service department receives a bonus for making its monthly goal.
19 Service writers receive a bonus on closing 75 percent or more of the repair orders opened in a month.
20 Technicians are paid a flat rate, but they have a varying rate depending on productivity.
21 Service manager receives 2 percent of the department's profits, ensuring he keeps a handle on all areas.
22 Each bike that comes in for service is assigned a "parts rack," which is really a 5-foot-tall food service rack with removable trays. Each rack stays with each bike until the work is finished.
23 New customers receive a small gift from each department, including service.
24 The service manager himself goes over with customers the work done.
25 Offers oil change specials right before big rallies.
26 Service manager tries to meet every customer who walks into the store.
27 First Service Certificates remind new-vehicle customers when their unit is due for its first service.
28 Two service counters: one for customers and one for supervising the technicians.
29 Each tech has a remote control to open/close overhead doors.
30 If customers have their unit in by 11 a.m. for routine maintenance, store promises to have it back by closing.
31 Free transportation to and from the customer's workplace.
32 Custom-bike fitting station — every new customer's bike is rolled onto a lift that has its own tool station. At this lift customers sit on their new bike and work with a technician to custom-fit the bike to their body and riding style. This includes adjusting levers, suspension and ergonomics. Tech also tries to upsell to a performance package, as well as explains the importance of prepaid maintenance. The tech explains the warranty and gives the customer an opportunity to ask questions.
33 Service department hosts Tech Nights, monthly classes addressing issues like performance upgrades, winterization and suspension.
34 Has sent several technicians to MMI.
35 Many Harley dealers continually change out custom paint sets on the walls of their service write-up area to give the department an ever-changing look.
36 Offers a 20 percent discount on all tires all the time.
37 A "Green-Line Room" is dedicated to in-and-out maintenance such as tire and oil changes and new-customer orientation.
38 Offers detailing service for PWC owners.
39 The service department is housed in its own building with a hard-plumbed pressurized air supply, with coil hose drops over each lift.
40 Special features at several stores: an ultrasonic parts cleaner, a sand blaster, a nitrogen filling station, a polishing wheel, an electronic spin balance tire machine, a welder, a grinder, a bead blast cabinet, flow bench capabilities.
41 Offers on-the-water watercraft recovery and repair.
42 Customers ride directly into the drop-off area, entering through automatic double doors and riding up onto the "service road," a painted street leading right into the service bay area.
43 Has a two-day in-house training program for service advisors.
44 A floor drain in middle of department makes for easier cleaning.
45 Department's goal is to complete most repairs within 48 hours with complete customer satisfaction.
46 Offers same-day service for scheduled appointments and guaranteed same-day service for tire changes.
47 Introduced in past year a Fast Lane Service Center dedicated to services usually performed in less than an hour. Saw a dramatic increase in number of work orders.
48 Has an incentive plan that encourages technicians to become certified by brand. For every 25 percent the technicians achieve in manufacturer training by brand, they receive an additional dollar per hour. Therefore, if techs get 100 percent certified, they receive an additional $4 per hour.
49 Store pays techs incentives for repairs fixed right the first time.
50 Several Big Twin dealers report that their techs attended classes at S&S for certification.
51 Has a private door for technicians to enter and exit for test rides.
52 Trains its technicians in F&I to help them sell prepaid maintenance.
53 Service writers receive a salary plus a percentage of labor sales, as well as a percentage of P&A sales on each unit. At the same store, the shop foreman, bike builders and lot attendant receive a monthly bonus based on total labor sales.
54 "Immediate tire installation."
55 Free bike storage for deployed soldiers.
56 Customers? completed bikes are lined up nicely, each with a blanket over it.
57 Pickups and deliveries can be scheduled over the store's Web site.
58 Overhead plumbing of air, oil, lighting, power and the exhaust filtration system.
59 A new TireMax center has more than 500 tires in stock and nitrogen for better wear and performance.
60 Fish tank in the customer lounge for customers to admire while they wait.
61 Six weeks after a new unit sale, the service manager calls to ask about any mechanical issues that may have developed.
62 Became a Dynojet Power Commander Tuning Center.
63 Oil and tire changes while you wait.
64 Travelers take first priority.
65 Offers service customers discounts at its in-house Starbucks.
66 Technicians undergo quarterly training from all the manufacturers the store supports.
67 Maintenance items displayed in write-up area so that service advisors can show them as they make recommendations.
68 A requirement for attending off-site factory training is completion of all in-house training systems, including factory Web- or CD-based training and certification (store's goal is to send one tech per year to an OEM training site for intensive education).
69 Glass displays in the service write-up area hold performance parts and accessories.
70 A full machine shop is on-site that can custom-fabricate any item desired.
71 All technicians are sent to training every year.
72 100 percent money back guarantee for extended service contracts.
73 Motorcycle and ATV "resurrections" at a discount during winter months.
74 Bought new lifts for Lehman trikes.
75 Each service unit has a factory VIN verification performed to determine whether there are any outstanding service bulletins or safety recalls.
76 Offers an express option for machines needing extensive repairs. The service allows all customers to have parts shipped next-day air, potentially cutting two to four days off the normal turnaround time.
77 Offers sand performance applications for side-by-sides.
78 Invested in a 10,000 lb. two-post lift for servicing side-by-sides.
79 In-house prepaid maintenance program includes not only factory-scheduled maintenance, but also a set of tires mounted and balanced.
80 "Show-quality" paint shop on site.
81 500-gallon fuel tank.
82 All technicians are MMI graduates.
83 Flat-rate technicians turning 80-plus hours every two weeks earn an incentive; service advisors who write more than 400 hours and 500 hours receive two levels of incentives.
84 Security cameras cover the service lot, warehouse and other areas.
85 With any service appointment, customers can choose from a variety of P&A to have installed for free.
86 Discounts for customers who schedule their service appointment online.
87 Antique Harley-Davidson sits atop a platform above the service counter.
88 Customized "road" runs through the service department.
89 Skylights offer clean lighting.
90 Road breakdowns are given immediate attention.
91 On top of the racks in the P&A department are signs that inform customers how much it would cost for the service department to install the parts.
92 Early-bird drop-off service — there's a box on the outside of the service door with forms for customers to fill out. Then they drop the keys into a slot.
93 Heated motorcycle storage in the winter for a nominal fee.
94 Entire department is heated with the waste oil it generates.
95 Customers are allowed to enter the workshop and speak directly with their technician.
96 Within the department is a "secondary showroom" with recently prepped new units.
97 Customers come from great distances, so store has extended hours two nights per week to better accommodate them. 98 Each technician?s name is prominently displayed above his or her service bay.
99 Has a library of technical videos.
100 All new-unit customers get priority service for as long as they own the bike.
101 Started tagging the end of its radio commercials with "Come visit our customer-friendly service department for all your service needs."
102 Sent a Ducati tech to Italy for factory training.