101 Road Tales


Clement Salvadori has been riding motorcycles in some interesting locales for longer than most dealers have been alive. And he's been writing about his experiences since 1980. His latest book, 101 Road Tales (Whitehorse Press 2007) is a collection of columns that have appeared in Rider Magazine since 1988.

The "tales," each two to three pages long, range from the narrative to the philosophical. There's a lot of emphasis on the ride itself rather than the vehicle or the destination. Having spent a few evenings with Clem over the years, I can attest that he is a great storyteller with an interesting point of view and a number of riding experiences most of us can only dream of. Short of spending an evening around a campfire with Clem, this book is about as close as you can get to the real experience.

This book would make a great gift for someone who's into riding, whether that person is an aspiring or new motorcyclist or a veteran rider. The reader will get the benefit of Clem's long-time perspective on riding, as well as the options available to the motorcycle traveler, be it a short trip or long ride. (And the short story nature of the book makes it a great bathroom read.)

101 Road Tales is available at a 45 percent discount for dealers who order 10 or more items from the Whitehorse Gear Catalog; so although the book retails for $24.95, dealer cost is $13.72. For information or to order, contact Whitehorse Gear at www.whitehorsepress.com. — Mike Vaughan