2007 Dirtbike Forecast from data through May


This report is based on analysis of available retail sales data through May. These state-by-state totals are forecast figures through calendar year 2007, rather than a running total of individual monthly sales. These sales figures do not include ATVs or off-road motorcycles; however, they do break out specific streetbike categories, as well as provide year-on-year comparisons.

Interpreting This Index

This index is based on the author's analysis of the MIC Retail Sales Report, SEC filings of quarterly and annual reports, and other information provided by publicly traded companies (such as Harley-Davidson and Polaris). Readers are cautioned that these estimates are subject to error, which can result from changes in seasonal patterns due to unexpected weather conditions and fluctuations in the economy. Interruptions in the supply of popular models can also affect these forecasts. Questions concerning this index should be addressed to the author, c/o Dealernews, or the author via e-mail at djb-llc@cox.net. Copyright © 2007 DJB Associates LLC, All Rights Reserved.