2009 Top 100: Employee Incentives


Treat them right, too

• Great Bay Motorcycles offers paid time off and track days to employees to keep them enthusiastic about motorcycling and their jobs.

• Gear Head insists that all its staff ride and pays the tuition for new employees to take the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Rider Training Course.

• Employees at Gear Head are encouraged to ride demo models to motorcycle events and biker hangouts. Long-term employees can use the demos as daily drivers throughout the summer.

• J&L Harley-Davidson created a small exercise area with various fitness equipment. Employees especially like the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit game, which encourages them to be active and move around. The dealership has also scheduled seminars about healthy lifestyles.

• Bayside Harley-Davidson's employee of the month gets a reserved parking spot and his or her name on a plaque that hangs in the showroom.

• V.I. Honda in British Columbia has a profit sharing program for its employees.

• The employee lounge at Malcolm Smith Motorsports features a full-sized pool table, as well as lockers, showers and dressing rooms — the latter aimed at workers who commute on two wheels.

• Monthly, owners choose five to seven specialty models that they want to move off the floor. Salespeople who sell these units get up to 50 percent of the original commission as a bonus for selling the units that need to move (Bert's Mega Mall).

• Parts-and-accessories employees at Bert's Mega Mall are divided into two teams — the 125 team and the 250 team. Both teams have a basic minimum gross profit per employee, but the 250 team has a higher commission scale. Members of the 125 team are motivated to work on their product knowledge and customer service to move up to the 250 team pay scale.

• Every other month, employees at Bob Lanphere's Renton Motorcycles look forward to team-building street and dirt rides, complete with breakfast and lunch. Other team-building activities are go cart racing, bowling, etc.

• Employees at Bob Weaver Motorsports and Marine are trained to sell warranties, and with each one sold, employees get $50.

• Chaparral Motorsports employees are offered an additional $1 per hour if they meet their required hours assigned to attend work.

• Cole Harley-Davidson enlists the help of professional motivational speaker Chip Thomas, who conducts training to improve customer service, set goals, etc. Department managers receive incentives based on their dept's performance each month.

• It pays to learn at Cycle World of Athens, where employees who take online training courses are given incentives.

• A financial planner is brought in once a year to help employees at Cyclewise plan for their financial future (retirement plans, health care, etc).

• Freedom Cycles employs a no-smoking incentive for personnel, awarding $2,400 for the employee who stops smoking and $450 each for their sponsors (also employees).

• Employees at Fun Bike Center Motorsports are offered fully-paid vacations if they excel in their positions. "Our incentives are meant to be lifelong memories that give our staff the highest feelings of personal accomplishment," says owner Daniel J. Dorsch.

• On dealership ride day, Kitty Hawk Harley-Davidson closes down on a normal business day so that all employees can go on a ride together.