2010: Good riddance, say most in the powersports industry

Publish Date: 
Jan 4, 2011

IT CAME, you saw, you conquered. We asked you, our dealers, distributors and manufacturers, what mistakes you made in 2010, what you learned and what you plan on doing differently this year. Not surprisingly, some responses weren’t exactly candid when it came to admitting mistakes. There were, however, a fair number of you who offered an honest mea culpa combined with the lesson learned from said mistake. So what did the powersports industry have to say about last year? A lot. Nick Rank, owner of independent dealer Road, Track and Trail, says that “2010 rocked. I can’t believe we beat 2008 numbers.” He even expanded his Big Bend, Wis., dealership by 2,500 sq. ft. On the other hand, Danny Manthis of Doug Douglas Motorcycles in San Bernardino, Calif., admits his store put too much of an emphasis on unit sales in an effort to prop up PG&A and service. This didn’t work out as expected.

Eric Slagle, GM of Powersports of Joplin, a Top 100 dealership in Joplin, Mo., believes he spent way too much time focusing on spreadsheets and budgets and not enough time working with customers. “The people in your dealership who keep you open are important. The personal involvement of the owners and the GMs are vital for a dealership. Customers like to see and talk to you. For 2011 … we will get back to the basics,” he says.

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Everyone agrees that 2010 wasn’t the one of the best years for the powersports industry, but moving beyond that understatement, Dealernews asked representatives of several OEMs for their take on 2010. We also asked if they would have done anything different in hindsight and most importantly, we asked how they were going to apply the lessons learned going forward into 2011.

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