2011 Distributor Show Roundup


The end of summer means it’s time again for the great Distributor Extravaganza, the chance for the big distribs to lay it all out there for dealers and sales reps in back-to-back shows across the country. From the Tucker Rocky sales meeting in Frisco, Texas, to the Western Power Sports sales show in Boise, Idaho, to the LeMans Corp. National Vendor Presentation in Madison, Wis., vendors unveiled their latest and greatest for the fall season and gave us a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2012.

These shows are an orgy of new product goodness and the chance for manufacturers to talk business, explain advances in aftermarket technology, and discuss sales techniques. This year there was a substantial focus on training and education for dealers and reps alike. Not only do the distributors want the products out in the market, but they want to make sure the channel is savvy enough to keep those products flowing to consumers.

Click on the links below for a roundup of products and news from the three big shows as reported by Bruce Steever, Dennis Johnson and Mary Slepicka.

Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties NVP meeting

Tucker Rocky sales meeting and dealer show

Western Power Sports sales meeting roundup