2012 Top 100 Best Media Campaign, Online: Green Mountain Harley-Davidson

Publish Date: 
Mar 30, 2012

Green Mountain Harley-Davidson — 3-time winner
Owners: David and Debby Pearson
Location: Essex Junction, Vt.
Store size: 18,000 sq. ft.
Vehicle brand: Harley-Davidson

In November 2011, Green Mountain held its “Our Customers Rock! Party,” advertising the event on its website, Facebook page and “pay per click” advertising on Facebook. Dealer staff dressed in their favorite rock band T-shirt and the store hosted the Rock ‘n’ Roll Group ride. The first customers to fill out an online survey won “I Rock!” T-shirts. About 400 people attended the event and the store logged 951 visits to the special link leading to the survey that resulted in 497 completed surveys. The store attributes five new bike sales to the event, which succeeded in bringing in store traffic during what has historically been one of the slowest months of the year.