2012 Ural Yamal: Because every motorcycle needs an oar

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Nov 28, 2012

REDMOND, Wash. - Because all motorcycles should come with an oar, IMZ-Ural introduces the Ural Yamal — likely the only sidecar motorcycle ever inspired by a Russian icebreaker ship.

This limited edition 2012 Ural comes as the three-wheel representation of the Russian ship that plows through the frozen Arctic Ocean, just north of Siberia (Ural's homeland). And the Yamal isn't just a big, bad icebreaker, it's also the name of a frozen peninsula in Russia.

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Here's a little backstory from Ural on the 2012 Yamal:

Russian icebreakers are heavy, rugged, and focused entirely on their mission. Though their purpose may not always make sense, these vessels are unique in every way, and when speaking to the right people—absolutely necessary. Ural motorcycles are much like this strange genre of sea-going vessel: durable, dependable, and able to conquer what typical motorcycles cannot.

The limited edition Yamal comes with a protective 3M coating that helps weatherproof the underside of the sidecar body and the fenders. Painted flat orange to be easily spotted — perhaps even from space — and outfitted with dual fog lights.

The Yamal is Ural's two-wheel drive model, the one designed for that legendary rugged Russian terrain. A knobby spare tire and hand guards help round out the off-road appeal. Ural is building only 50 of these for the U.S. market. The MSRP is $14,250.

And then there's the toothy visage — another nod to the icebreaker — and the oar. As the OEM puts it, "Ural throws in an oar with tongue-in-cheek emergency instructions to double as a defensive tool or your last hope of survival on thing ice." Here are the instructions printed on the side of the paddle:

In Case of Emergency:
If you are reading this then you wandered out too far, and the ice didn't hold — we're very sorry. In an effort to make it back alive, you may want to follow these survival tips:

  • Abandon all hope — it will help you focus
  • Detach sidecar, jump in and then paddle like heck
  • Rescue your dog — they're better at finding t heir way home than you are
  • Should you find yourself sinking, use your seat cushion as a flotation device


  • Ural cannot be held responsible for global warning
  • Water damage not covered under warranty
  • This vehicle is not a boat, nor is the paddle or any part of the motorcycle intended to be used as a flotation device
  • Survival may depend on other factors. Your wife was right, who goes fishing in winter?

Posted by Dennis Johnson