2012 Yamaha YZ250F offers more power, better handling

Publish Date: 
Jun 15, 2011

Yamaha has revised the YZ250F for 2012, tackling the engine, frame and suspension to offer more power and better handling. The model hits showroom floors in September and will retail for $7,290 in two colors: Team Yamaha Blue/White and White/Red.

Key features, according to Yamaha:


  • The styling emphasizes the bike’s lightweight and nimble handling character. The sharp, horizontal lines set the bike apart with a clean, aggressive look.
  • New KYB suspension is tuned to work with the Bilateral Beam frame for better handling.


The YZ250F’s new beefy outer fork tubes and triple clamps result in an increase in the front fork assembly’s torsional rigidity for more chassis stability. The fork offset has been changed from 25 mm to 22 mm to accommodate the new frame design. This shortened offset increases trail length, which, in turn, contributes to stability and reduces the inertial moment of the front fork assembly for quick handling.

The redesigned axle block portions of the swingarm provide greater rigidity to further optimize the rigidity balance between the new frame and the revised front fork assembly.

Both color options feature black rims and a gold-color drive chain.

Yamaha’s engine descriptions:

  • The new 39 mm carburetor has a venturi-shaped bore, plus recalibrated jetting and an accelerator pump. This translates to impressive response when the rider snaps open the throttle, and contributes to superb mid-to-high-rpm power characteristics.
  • The intake boot offers a straight, smooth tract for excellent engine breathing and more power.
  • The airbox is shaped to tuck neatly into the Bilateral Beam frame.
  • The exhaust pipe has been carefully tuned to optimize engine power, with a new muffler that meets 94 dB standards.


Yamaha’s chassis/suspension descriptions:


  • The new Bilateral Beam frame is crafted from a carefully chosen combination of forged and extruded aluminum pieces, all welded together to provide rigidity balance and superb cornering characteristics, as well as excellent handling on rough, high-speed straights.
  • The KYB speed-sensitive front forks deliver exceptional damping feel, responsiveness, and bump absorption characteristics.
  • The four-way-adjustable KYB rear shock makes the most of the Bilateral Beam frame design. It’s low in the frame for mass centralization, with a 16 mm shaft and new settings for optimal hydraulic flow.
  • The tank, seat, and rear fender are flat, and the relationship between handlebars, pegs and seat result in a natural, more forward riding position that facilitates rider movement. The fuel tank is placed toward the center of the bike for mass centralization. The ProTaper bars are four-way-adjustable, and handlebar mounts and foot pegs optimize rider position on the chassis. Seat cushion material is updated for great rider comfort.


Posted by Arlo Redwine