2015 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT models have 6-to-3 passenger conversion

Publish Date: 
Jun 26, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. – Kawasaki’s newest addition to the Mule family is the PRO-FXT line, which has a configurable Trans Cab for conversion from three-passenger capacity to six. Kawasaki also says the 2015 Mule is their fastest and most powerful Mule to date.

The 2015 Mule PRO-FXT configurations available include the PRO-FXT ($12,999), PRO-FXT EPS ($13,999), PRO-FXT LE ($15,599) and PRO-FXT EPS Camo ($15,599).

These 2015 Mules are powered by a new 812cc, three-cylinder engine coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission, producing 48 ft-lbs of torque and better engine braking over previous models. The engine has digital fuel injection, and the CVT is connected to electronically selectable 2WD, 4WD and dual-mode rear differential options.

The Trans Cab mechanism that converts the passenger capacity is, according to Kawasaki, designed to be so easy that one person can make the switch in less than one minute. A latch on the rear seat allows it to be folded forward, making room for the cargo wall to slide forward and lower into its new position.

The three-passenger configuration increases the steel cargo bed length from 22 inches to 42.7 inches. The cargo bed measures in at 53.7 inches, and there are integrated steel cargo bed rails. In all, the Mule’s cargo bed will haul 1,000 pounds, while the towing capacity ranges up to 2,000 pounds.

Both the front and rear feature bench seats with three-point seatbelts. Other passenger-centric elements are four doors, a tilt steering wheel in the EPS models, handholds and storage under the front seat. The LCD instrument cluster is a new addition for 2015, with all of the engine and fuel information at a glance. There are two 12V power outlets in the Mule’s interior, except for the LE and Camo models, which have four.

The basic PRO-FXT model comes standard with steel wheels and is only available in the black color option. The PRO-FXT EPS adds electric power steering and the tilt steering wheel. It is available in green or black.

The PRO-FXT EPS LE has a number of upgrades, including LED headlights, aluminum wheels, a composite sun top and the two additional 12V outlets, which are positioned for the passengers in the rear seat. The LE version comes in green and red.

The PRO-FXT EPS Camo rounds out the 2015 Mule lineup, and it includes LED headlights and the two extra outlets in the rear.

Kawasaki has more than 60 accessories that fit the 2015 Mule, including three special packages for the Mule PRO-FXT. Accessories include, among other things, hard and soft roofs, a WARN winch package, a WARN ProVantage Plow System, windshield variations and audio systems.

From a press release.