3BR Powersports fights TAPP charging system pirates

Publish Date: 
Jun 17, 2013

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. – 3BR Powersports is warning dealers that Chinese manufacturers are copying 3BR’s TAPP (Tiny Accessory Power Port), DoubleTAPP and TAPPLite USB charging systems.

“Unfortunately, non-genuine systems from Asian manufacturers that include copies of the patented parts are now being sold in the United States via the Internet and possibly other distribution channels. Some dealers have also been unknowingly recruited to carry the unauthorized versions, which do not meet the fit and quality specifications developed by 3BR,” according to a statement from founder Don Blackwell.

Several of the component designs are reportedly patented, and 3BR’s lawyers are sending cease-and-desist letters to anyone found to be selling the copycats.3BR has appealed directly to the Asian manufacturers and distributors to try and stop the infringing designs.

“We have contacted more than 30 dealers who carry the infringing products, which are easily identified. The marketing materials and photos are copied word-for-word from our manuals and website, and one website was using unauthorized photographs from a favorable review of the TAPP on Webbikeworld.com,” Blackwell’s letter states.

Dealers carrying the infringing products are advised to stop selling the products and contact 3BR Powersports immediately to resolve the problem.  A form letter has gone out to dealers with photographs and simple verbiage how to identify specific products that are in violation. 

Posted by Holly Wagner