90-year-old motorcycle technician to retire after 64 years

Publish Date: 
Mar 19, 2013

SARASOTA, Fla. – A shop technician who said he's seen just about everything is retiring at the end of the month at age 90, after 64 years at the same job.

"I still like what I'm doing, I enjoy working here with all the guys here…they’re great people to work with," Kenny Clark told WWSB.

He started at Hap's Cycle Sales during the Truman administration. At that time there was one motorcycle registered in Sarasota County and two in Manatee County. When he arrived on his motorcycle from Illinois in 1949, he took the job for Hap Poneleit for $12 a week.

"He and my father together had motorcycle magic. They had technical skills beyond the other guys locally," said Hap’s son Robert, who is now general manager of Hap's Cycle Sales . "Kenny was a famous race rider when he was younger, then got into building race motors, and that was his forte, to build those engines real fast."

Clark said he plans to be a frequent visitor at Hap’s.

Posted by Holly Wagner