ABUS Detecto line offers medium, high lock security

Publish Date: 
May 18, 2014
By Bruce Steever

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Security experts ABUS have built locks for 100 years, and now offers several high-specification options for powersports, including cable locks, U-locks and disc locks.

From the firm’s “Detecto” line of alarm-equipped brake rotor locks, ABUS offers a  medium security option with its 7000, while the heavy-duty 8077 X-Plus is built for more extreme protection.

The 7000, which retails at $139, uses a 3 x 5mm bolt, which, along with the lock body, are constructed from a specially hardened steel.

Despite the tough construction, the lock is easy to use, thanks to ABUS’ “Snap and Go” mechanism, which allows for one-handed installation on the bike’s rotor. Simply press the lock against the disc and the lock closes and engages automatically. The $179.99 8077 uses a chunkier 13mm steel bolt along with a hardened locking body, while the X-Plus cylinder provides ABUS’ best protection against picking and brute-force attacks.

The Detecto range also includes a piercing 100 dB alarm, with a 3D motion sensor system that detects when the lock is installed on the bike. This prevents the alarm from discharging when being carried, but the lock will sound if the bike is disturbed in any way, including lifting, tip-overs or rolling movement.

Additionally, the alarm is powered by AAA batteries, and a brace of LEDs let the user know the status of the batteries, lock activation and alarm status.