Accel Enters Metric Market With Charging System Products


After making electrical components for American V-twins for the past 30 years, Accel Motorcycle Products now offers stators and regulators for metric streetbikes, dirtbikes, ATVs and UTVs.

Accel calls the products phase one of a 2010 metric program. In the next several months, it plans to come out with metric SLM Fuel Injection Module applications, starter motors, tools and other parts. A 2010 Accel Metric Catalog is in the works.

All Accel regulators/rectifiers are direct replacements for original equipment. They use stock mounting locations and OEM-style connectors. But according to Accel, the regulators can handle higher power loads than their OEM counterparts and use heavy-duty components that ensure long life.

With increasing demand for high-output lighting on ATVs and side-by-sides, high-output stators have become a necessity. Many OEM electrical systems only provide power to run the ignition system, Accel notes.

The company recommends its streetbike regulators for customers who upgrade their stator to a high-powered alternative. Accel promotes its regulators as a cost-effective solution to a blown OEM part, and says its parts are engineered to prevent these problems from arising again.

Accel streetbike stators offer better performance than stock, the company says. Changes to winding specifications, wire size and the number of poles that the magnet wire is wrapped around are some of the modifications used to increase power output and reliability. Almost all the stators reportedly provide a substantial power gain within the most-used rpm range.

The dirtbike regulators, which are plug-in replacements, are said to provide better power handling. Accel has incorporated a heatsink that, according to the company, gets rid of internal heat to the housing quickly and efficiently, making for a very reliable unit.

Accel says that whenever possible, it designed its dirtbike stators to be direct replacements. Customers should use Accel’s more powerful lighting stator for running additional lights and accessories.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine