Ad Research That's Worth Your Time and Money

Publish Date: 
Sep 24, 2009

BEFORE YOU EMBARK on that next ad campaign for your dealership, you might want to read some recent findings from the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University on what ad messages tend to hit home with consumers.

According to UPenn’s Wharton School of Business, a new paper by Cassie Mogilner of UPenn and Jennifer Aaker of Stanford University says themes of both time and money in advertising evoke “strong reactions from consumers.”

“One thing that was surprising was to see how consumers attitudes and behaviors toward products and brands can be shifted by something as subtle and as pervasive as mere mentions of time or money,” Mogilner said to the UPenn publication.

The two ran a series of experiments to support their arguments in their Journal of Consumer Research article “’The Time vs. Money Effect’: Shifting Product Attitudes and Decisions through Personal Connection.” According to the article, experiments ranged from comparing messages sent by beer ad campaigns to banks. Researchers also found that messages about losing time tend to be more painful for people than losing money.

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