Adler, Promet partner to strengthen LeoVince outside U.S.

Publish Date: 
Mar 5, 2014

The Adler Group has announced a strategic partnership with Promet to support future development of the LeoVince and Sito brands in the international market. Promet has been the manufacturer of Sito and LeoVince products for 15 years.

Tim Calhoun, owner of Specialized Product Distribution, and who has represented the LeoVince brand in the United States, in October 2013 bought LeoVince USA and is operating it as a separate company.

"I have been in constant communication with LeoVince management throughout the reorganization process, and they feel that the most challenging elements of this transition are behind them,” Calhoun stated in a separate press release. “I believe it represents an important step forward for the LeoVince family of brands. Sharing their resources should expedite all processes necessary to return to full production.

“There are great synergies between these two companies that I believe offer a realistic solution to face down the problems and challenges the current European and global market have presented,” Calhoun added.

The Adler-Promet deal will "guarantee the continuation of industrial operations" and seek to boost the international presence of LeoVince and Sito by "reactivating production at full speed," Italy's LeoVince announced in a press release.

"Adler will support the present and future development of the LeoVince brand and website to increase the presence of these brands in the international motorcycle market," Adler Motorcycle Components announced. In particular, Adler said the companies would strengthen R&D and modernize manufacturing facilities in Poland.

"It's a big challenge, but the project is full of potential and deserves all our trust," said Alfio Morone, president and CEO of Adler SpA. "I believe that the synergy between the two Italian industries, both leaders in the same market, can be a really good strategy. We're sharing passion, tradition, experience and a strong desire to face new challenges, including those created by the crisis in this sector. We look for solutions and we offer proposals: This is our answer and our new starting point."

Adler SpA designs, manufactures and sells clutches, variable speed drives, gears, gearshifts, transmission components and other products for BMW, Ducati, KTM and Piaggio. Many know Adler through its ADIGE brand.

Posted by Mary Slepicka