ADP Lightspeed, 50 Below, V-SEPT Promote Integration

Publish Date: 
Feb 8, 2010

Dealer Solutions Alliance is a new marketing campaign to inform dealers how they could benefit from the integration among ADP Lightspeed, 50 Below and V-SEPT. The companies are, respectively, popular providers of dealer management systems, websites and a customer relationship management system. Integration among them can help dealers improve productivity and revenue, the campaign says.

To demonstrate the points of integration and their advantages, the companies have set up a website,

“To stay competitive in the market, dealerships have adopted multiple technology solutions,” states an ADP Lightspeed press release. “Many dealers started with a dealer management system (DMS) and later added a website and a customer relationship management (CRM) system. These separate systems helped dealers improve efficiency, marketing reach and increase customer loyalty, but also increased the need for clerical management to keep the three separate systems in sync.”

The release then quotes John McFarland, ADP Lightspeed’s product manager: “DMS, CRM and e-commerce systems were originally designed to improve the dealers’ ability to take advantage of customer information, but in some cases they’ve created more work for dealers through the duplication of customer information and the managing multiple data platforms. We started this initiative to address those issues. By connecting the information in our three areas of expertise we are helping dealers realize the true power of our technology solutions.”

Because the three systems communicate customer purchases, contact information, and unit details, dealers can study the complete lifecycle of customers from acquisition to retention, according to Dealer Solutions Alliance, which adds that these insights help dealer improve customer loyalty and “lifetime value.”

Jim Vaughn is president and CEO of V-SEPT. “We want to help dealers get more customers in the doors, on their websites and more revenue pumping into their stores without creating more work,” he states. “Dealers are looking to increase revenue, and that is what is great about this solution. It’s not pie-in-the-sky stuff; these are things that are happening now. Dealers can unlock the real power of the website, marketing and management systems now, when they need it.”

Dave Hogge is president of 50 Below. “Dealers need the best tools in the industry now,” he states. “We see this solution as building upon each other's strengths to provide the dealer the most powerful tools.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine