ADP Lightspeed focusing on dealer-targeted customer satisfaction


For the coming year, ADP Lightspeed is focusing on helping its dealers maintain personal contact with customers by optimizing their Customer Experience Management system, an important part of the company’s dealer communication solutions.

The system fully integrates with the LightspeedNXT Dealer Management System, marrying those databases with those in the CEM. This allows dealers to run a rich follow-up program that goes beyond new- and used-unit sales customers to reach those who were in the dealership for P&A, MotorClothes or service transactions.

The targeted Digital Marketing setup enables just about any department in the store to keep in touch with its customers through narrowly focused follow-up materials. For instance, the parts counter can send a thank-you note to P&A buyers immediately after their purchase or to target vehicle buyers who didn’t purchase P&A. The system even allows the dealer to send notices to those who spent a certain dollar amount on parts and accessories.

Another cool feature: If you have some slow-moving accessories laying around, you can tailor the setup to contact only those customers who bought the certain model-year motorcycle that those accessories fit.

Your service shop can contact customers who haven’t been in for a while or even offer specials or coupons to owners of a certain brand or model-year vehicle. You can even quickly send out customer satisfaction surveys to get the jump on your OEM’s CSI survey so you can address any negative responses immediately.

Each piece of correspondence can be customized and tailored with OEM sales collateral or dealership imagery.

The company’s new ADP Network Phone interface allows LightspeedNXT users to quickly access a customer’s past Parts, Service and Sales activity when that customer calls the dealership. The system interfaces with the LightspeedNXT database. The information displays on a screen before the call even needs to be answered, and can be accessed from anywhere in the dealership.

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This story originally appeared in the Dealernews July 2011 issue.