ADP Lightspeed: May V-twin sales up 26 percent in West

Publish Date: 
Jul 2, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - ADP Lightspeed reports that in May a large sampling of its V-twin dealer customers experienced a 10.3 percent year-over-year increase in their sales departments, led by a 26 percent increase in the West.

This statistic is just one of many found in ADP Lightspeed’s “Same Store Sales” report for May, which gives a rundown of year-over-year sales changes at about 1,100 metric retailers and 200 V-twin retailers. The report is broken down further by department (parts, service and sales) and geographic regions. It also says how many dealers were up or down in each department.

Overall revenue at the V-twin stores was up 8.8 percent in May, led by a 13.8 percent service department increase. Overall revenue at metric stores rose 5.2 percent, with revenue up a similar percentage in service and sales but flat in parts.

V-twin parts sales were also flat in May. Only Southern V-twin dealers reported a healthy increase (4 percent).

The only significant revenue decreases were for V-twin parts sales in the Northwest (down 6.3 percent), V-twin parts sales in the Midwest (down 2.3 percent) and metric parts sales in the Northwest (down 2.5 percent).  

Click here for the full report. Note that ADP Lightspeed users tend to be medium-sized or large franchised dealerships.

ADP Lightspeed invites people to see additional reports on the Data Services page of its website. The page notes that participating dealers automatically transmit each day’s sales data to a database held in the company’s offices.