ADP Lightspeed offers NXT users a hosted-server option


ADP Lightspeed today announced that it has given LightspeedNXT dealers the option of using a remote server hosted by ADP. Called Hosted Solution for LightspeedNXT, the option will provide the same features and tools without dealers’ having to own an on-site server.

Dealers can order the service now for installation in the fall.

The Hosted Solution will remove server maintenance from dealerships. It will store, maintain and secure all of the dealer information at redundant servers located in ADP’s Secure Data Center. This is the same location that hosts payrolls and HR data from millions of companies in North America, so data security and service are top-notch.

“Dealers have more important things to worry about than their servers,” said Kris Denos, director of research and development at ADP Lightspeed. “ADP, a market-leading technology company, secures, backs up and supports the dealers’ data, which removes a lot of unnecessary responsibility from dealers. Instead of worrying about the server in the back room, they can put their focus back where it should be — their business.”

With the Hosted Solution, all backups, maintenance, security and update loads normally performed at the dealership are performed by ADP’s Data Center. All the dealer is required to provide is a static IP address as a connection to the Data Center.

The hosted version will be available with the release of 3.9.3 of LightspeedNXT. To learn more, contact ADP Lightspeed at 800-521-0309.

Dealernews first reported on ADP’s cloud computing plans in a feature article appearing in our May 2010 issue: “Business Software in the Internet Age.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine