ADP Lightspeed: Top 18 parts sold in metric dealerships in 2010

Publish Date: 
Dec 21, 2010

ADP Lightspeed’s Hal Ethington has posted a study in which he lists the top 18 parts sold in metric dealerships during 2010 as measured by the total sales produced per part number. Click here to read the full article.

The list was taken from $717 million in sales from 736 dealers nationwide and was limited to parts retailing for at least $100. “They account for 0.002 percent of all part numbers, but they pulled in 1 percent of all sales,” Ethington writes. “That’s almost 50 times their weight in sales produced in the dealership.”

Go to the article to see the list of items, including the quantity sold, the average price and the total dollar amount in sales. Two winches accounted for more than $1 million in sales and were the highest producers of sales in the group. Other top-performers included digital cameras (presumably of the onboard variety), UTV sport roofs, fairing flares and ECUs.

Among items selling for under $100, Ethington notes, gift cards brought in almost $3 million in sales. “Average price was $53, so that was 53,000 of them.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine