AFT Customs: Where women build what they ride

Publish Date: 
Feb 23, 2012

Nobody questions the growth of the female rider segment at AFT Customs motorcycle shop in Jackson, Calif., where women do their own custom builds.

“They [customers] always say ‘let me see your hands’ and they almost just don’t believe you,” Cyndi Calistro told KOVR. Former waitress Calistro has built five custom bikes and is a certified welder.

“I think that women are better at it because we have a steadier hand and we are more patient,” she says.

Owner Jim Giuffra says he began hiring women seven years ago as models for his motorcycles. “It kinda went into them helping little bit with the bikes and every time they came in to do more,” he says. “They’re talented.”

Some only do it as a hobby, but nobody can tell from the results. “The finished product is just as good as you can see as anybody out there,” Giuffra says.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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