AFX FX-55 helmet has seven configurations

Publish Date: 
Oct 17, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

CERRITOS, Calif. – The new FX-55 helmet from AFX has seven configurations for everything from a full-face lid to an off-road style. The visor, shield and chin bar can all be changed or removed to get the different looks.

The FX-55 is made of a poly-alloy plastic, has seven color options and ranges in size from XS to XXL. It will retail for $169.95. Including the basic helmet itself, there are six pieces that can be rearranged.

AFX lists the seven configurations for the FX-55 as:

  • Helmet with standard visor, shield and chin bar
  • Helmet with standard visor and shield
  • Helmet with shield and chin bar
  • Helmet with shield
  • Helmet with standard visor
  • Helmet with short visor
  • Helmet with MX vent chin bar and standard visor

Media images courtesy of AFX Helmets.