AFX Unveils $70 Street Helmet

Madison, WI - AFX Helmets will be selling a "high-end" street helmet that will retail for $69.95 in the United States. The company announced the new lower priced product line today at the Parts Unlimited Showcase.

The new FX-90 helmet is a DOT-rated product with seven ventilation points, and a removable and washable liner and cheek pads. Graphics include AFX's popular Dragon, Skull and patriotic Freedom designs, plus a new Rebel design featuring elements from the Confederate flag. It also comes in solid colors, said Doug Hill of AFX.

Hill told Parts Unlimited sales reps that AFX is sharing production on the helmet with Shiro Helmets of Spain, allowing AFX to sell the helmet at a much lower price point. Shiro sells the helmet in Europe as the SH-816, which retails for around $200 in European markets, he said.