AGV Founder Gino Amisano Dead At 89


Gino Amisano, AGV's founder, died June 29 at the age of 89 following a bout with bronchopneumonia.

Here are some of the company's milestones.

1946: AGV SpA (Amisano Gino Valenza) launched as a manufacturer of leather seats and bicycle saddles in Valenza, Italy.

1948: AGV begins producing motorcycle helmets.

1949: The first open-face helmet with a leather shell was developed and produced.

1953: The first fiberglass vulcanized helmets were introduced into the market.

1954: AGV produces the first 100 percent fiberglass open-face helmet. A few years later, the company develops the first fiberglass full-face helmet.

1977: AGV invests the full costs for building Clinica Mobile, a facility that provides emergency care to riders who have suffered injuries during races. This partnership still exists today.

1985: Nelson Piquet takes part in the Formula 1 World Championship wearing a new Kevlar/Dupont fiberglass full-face AGV helmet.

1988: AGV acquires MDS

1995: Valentino Rossi starts his outstanding professional career wearing an AGV helmet. Together with AGV, Valentino began his dominant reign to seven World Championship titles.

2002: AGV becomes part of an important Belgian multi-national group, which already owned the LAZER brand. The IMAG Group, together with AGV, MDS, and LAZER, is now the fourth largest worldwide producer within the sport helmets market.

2007: AGV merges with motorcycle apparel manufacturer Dainese.

AGV USA, Inc., a subsidiary of AGV SpA, is based in Costa Mesa, Calif.

—Submitted by Guido Ebert