AGV launches trade-in discount program

Publish Date: 
May 3, 2011

For a limited time, AGV will offer a 20 percent discount on a new helmet purchase to anyone who trades in a used lid, no matter how old, no matter what brand.

The company's reported goal is to emphasize safety and awareness; of course, an buyer incentive to fuel helmet sales doesn't hurt, either. Still, AGV is reacting to a perceived safety risk by giving riders using much-older helmets an economic incentive to upgrade their head protection.

“Many times we receive calls from our customers asking for parts for 10-year old helmets,” says Roberto Sadowsky, vice president of operations at AGV Dainese USA, “but materials used in the fabrication of a helmet lose their integrity and performance with time. This gave us the idea to come up with a promotion that reflects and promotes the most important value for our brand: the safety of our riders."

The promotion runs until June 15.

AGV is distributed in the United States by Parts-Unlimited and Dainese USA. For more information dealers should contact their Parts Unlimited rep or AGV directly at (949.645.9500). Visit for rules and restrictions.

From a press release. Posted by Mary Slepicka