AGV Sport Offers Motonation Dealers Clean Styles, Sweet Margins


While Motonation (Booth 2034) has some new additions to its Sidi and Vemar lineup, company honcho Bill Berroth says the spotlight this weekend is on the AGV Sport line he picked up last summer.

The distributor signed an exclusive license agreement to distribute the apparel in the U.S. and Berroth says he expects that he'll have products on hand in the next month or two. By owning the license, Berroth says Motonation will have direct control over the brand, allowing it to offer immediate feedback on product development.

The AGV Sport line is also a good deal for dealers, he adds, saying that the full suits offer a 40 percent margin, the rest of the apparel a 45 point margin and 50 points on gloves. The brand will be held to the same strict MAP policy as the rest of Motonation lineup.

Berroth points out a few features on one full-suit that were the result of his input — a two-way zipper in the torso, locking zippers on the sleeves, extra neoprene padding around the neck and large zipper pulls.

Another piece, a vented textile jacket called the Solare retails for $99 and gives dealers a 35 percent margin. It is available in five colorways. All the high-end leather gear — two full suits and six jackets — comes with a five-year warranty for material workmanship.

Each product also has a card that lists all the features and benefits of the item, a move Berroth likens to having a "silent sales person" touting the gear. "I want it to have as many tags as possible, but none of them can be frivolous," he says. "If it has a feature or benefit, I want that on the tag."

To help launch the brand, he's been advertising heavily in all the main consumer magazines to help push customer traffic into his dealers.

-- Dennis Johnson